Email OCR Service

Email OCR allows you to recognize PDF documents, scanned images and convert into editable Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Html output formats via email.

Send PDF files or images and receive OCRed converted documents as easily as email from your desktop, laptop or wireless device.

Before using Email OCR service you should create onlineocr account with email address and have enough available pages.

How it works:

  • Open an outgoing email message
  • In the "To" Field enter
  • Attach the file(s) or ZIP-archive you would like to recognize to the outgoing email message (maximum 30 Mb)
  • Optional: define the recognition settings in the body of the email message
  • Send email

In a few minutes you receive converted files as attachments into incoming email message.

About recognition settings:

By default recognition settings is:

-lang:english -output:docx -tobw:true -combine:false -pagerange:all -createzip:false

What does it mean:

-lang - Specifies recognition language(s), by default English
-output - Specifies output format(s), by default MS Word
-tobw - Convert input image to Black and White, by default enabled
-combine - Combine output files into multipage document, by default disabled
-pagerange- Page range. For example "1-20", "all"- all pages will be recognized By default all pages. Only for single document in an email.
-createzip - Put output files into a single zip-archive

So, you can send email without special recognition settings and image will be recognized with settings by default.

For example:

Hello OCR!

Best regards,
+ attached images

Image will be recognized with English language and exported to MS Word format. Before processing image will be converted to Black and White. For multipage document all pages will be recognized.

If you want to recognize image with English and Portuguese languages and convert to TXT format please send next email:


-lang:english,portuguese -output:txt
Best regards,
+ attached images

There are different samples of using the command line:

-lang:spanish -output:docx,xlsx

The image will be recognized with Spanish language and converted to MS Word and Excel formats. Other settings by default.

-lang:english,german -output:txt -combine:true

The image will be recognized with English and German languages and converted to Plain text format. Output files will be combined to single multipage document. Other settings by default.


If you send one multipage PDF or TIFF file, only first 20 pages will be recognized. Other settings by default.

-output:doc -createzip:true

If you send an email with several images then converted DOC files will be archived into a single zip-archive. Other settings by default.

Or you can construct recognition settings and copy&paste into email via the form below:

Output formats
Adobe PDF
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (xls)
Microsoft Excel (xlsx)
Microsoft Word 97-2003 (doc)
Microsoft Word (docx)
RTF document (rtf)
Text Plain (txt)
Other settings

Convert to BW


Create ZIP

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